THE SHEAT PUBLIC SCHOOL follows 3S education system with Indian ancient values.

If we talk about our education system in ancient times, Indian education had the Gurukula system in which anyone who wished to study went to a teacher’s house and requested to be taught. In this system, the disciple would stay at the guru’s place and help in all activities at home. This not only created a strong tie between the teacher and the student but also taught the student everything about running a house. The guru taught everything the child wanted to learn, from Sanskrit to the holy scriptures and from Mathematics to Science. The student stayed if they wished until the guru felt that he had taught everything he could teach.

SHEAT Public School provides the education in this Gurukula system in a modern way. In the Gurukula system, the education focused on ‘Shiksha, Suraksha. But in the modern education is based on 3S which is ‘Shiksha, Suraksha, Suvidha’. And SHEAT Public School is imparting modern education to the students on the philosophy of ‘Shiksha, Suraksha, Suvidha’.

With Explaining the ‘Shiksha, Suraksha, Suvidha’ SHEAT Public School’s principal Priya Singh says, “Our motto is to provide quality education aimed at overall personality development.”

Shiksha – Education should achieve three broad objectives. First, provide skills for professional growth. Second, provide life skills, including soft skills, maturity, and emotional growth. Third, build a strong character for being a good human being and citizen. Our education is not only based on bookish knowledge, but we are also complete educators. We recognize every student’s talent and potential and equip them with the opportunity and character to nurture their unique ability.

Suraksha – We Provide a safe learning environment for the children, and it is of utmost importance for any frontrunner school. At SHEAT Public school Varanasi, there is a total commitment to making the school safe. For total vigilance of the students and for safeguarding them. During the tough times of Covid – 19, we took proper precautions to ensure that not a single child gets affected. We look after extra safety protocols of school on a regular basis like Female Caretakers for Kindergarten, Secured Campus with CCTV monitoring, Female Caretakers in all buses, Panic Buttons in washrooms, etc.

Suvidha – SHEAT Public School’s facilities are strategically designed to provide an ideal environment for their students. The school campus has a fully digital infrastructure, fully air-conditioned and Wi-Fi classes, a dedicated app for parents and students and GPS-enabled buses. To promote games and sports, the school has facilities for playing sports activities, swimming, yoga, dance, music, and many indoor activities.

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