The Importance of online education


The Importance of online education

Education plays the most important role in the life of people. A big piece of new and necessary information appears every minute. Today we are able to get any news from anywhere in a minute. So, the world become faster. This can happen only due to the internet.


Online education: We traditionally used to go to Gurukul or class and sit in front of our teacher and get knowledge from him. But in the online education system, which is considered the latest form of education, we meet our teacher through laptop or mobile sitting in our home with the help of the internet and get knowledge from him. Although people understood its importance in the Corona period. In the difficult time of lockdown where all schools and colleges are closed. All classes of school and college have been made possible through online education. All the students can do their studies using online education. Today people can understand the importance of online education very well. If there was no online medium, the pandemic year education would have remained incomplete and crores of children would not be able to study.

Best School In Varanasi- SHEAT PUBLIC SCHOOL

SHEAT Public School’s teachers very sincerely conducted the online classes for their students. The school did not let the students face much impact despite the pandemic. Teachers are very much committed in online mode too towards their students. They conducted online classes as the Children are in front of them. In this Regards, teacher Mrs. Ragani Singh – Nursery says, “I am a teacher as well as a mother and I feel that mother and teacher complement each other. So I understand very well how education for the child will help in his development. We online try to provide classroom-like education to the children without getting bored.”

Mrs. Priyanka Singh, teacher of Class 5, says, “We know online classes are quite difficult but SHEAT Public School gives the best education in online mode as compared to many other schools. Even in online mode, the school celebrated all events such as Janmashtami, Independence Day and Guru Purnima among others. They never let the students feel that they are missing out on anything due to the restriction of being at home.”