The challenge in India’s school education system today is how to translate years of schooling into learning. While there are reasons to lament the learning crisis, a quiet movement is taking place in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

When the basic needs of human beings are met, they begin to think of higher pursuits. The same feeling led the promoters of the school to start on this educational venture. They felt that there was a dearth of quality schools comparable with good schools in developed cities or States that provided excellent service at an affordable cost. Therefore, with a spirit to provide a global infrastructure, the best in academia and the greatest depth in the inward journey, the promoters have established this school where East meets West, the SHEAT Public School.

SHEAT Public School is one of the best schools in Varanasi, founded on the philosophy of ‘Shiksha, Suraksha, Suvidha’. The school aims at sustaining an environment whereby students can excel in scholastic activities, demonstrate superior learning and develop intellectual capacities and skills that prepare them for service to society.

Best School In Varanasi- SHEAT PUBLIC SCHOOL

The school also provides students with rich and deep learning experiences to make the young learners value the wonders of this world and never stop thirsting for more, at the same time appreciating, accepting and imbibing the newer and the better as they go ahead with their lives. The school makes all possible efforts to provide its students with numerous avenues of advancement, training them to learn, unlearn and relearn so that they are never behind their times, are always open to new knowledge and inherit a love of ideas.

A safe learning environment for the children is of utmost importance for any frontrunner school. At SHEAT Public School, there is a total commitment towards making the school a safe place for students. For total vigilance and safeguarding the students, the following measures have been put in place:

The School’s facilities are strategically designed to provide an ideal environment for its students. The school campus has the latest digital infrastructure and air-conditioned classrooms. Dedicated App for parents and students and GPS-enabled buses are other tech-based interventions. With a view of promoting games and sports, the School has facilities for sports activities, swimming, yoga, dance, music and many indoor activities.

The SHEAT Public School’s motto is to quality education aimed at overall personality development.

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