SHEAT PUBLIC SCHOOL teaches the students that keeping Earth clean and Green is their social responsibility – Earth Day

As we all know that earth is the only planet in our solar system where life is founds. The human race on earth knows the importance of life on earth. Throughout civilization development in history, mankind continuously exploited nature and its resources, even they did not realize this exploitation will make our Planet Earth ill. And that this would become very hazardous not only for the human race but for all living kinds. We are facing water pollution, air pollution, less rain, scarcity of drinking water, etc. Due to these, all living beings are in danger now.

As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22nd to demonstrate support for the protection of the environment and to raise public awareness about pollution, SHEAT Public School observes an eminent social responsibility towards nature. SHEAT Public School teaches students on earth day about the protection of the environment and nature. So, being responsible inhabitants of this planet, we must take some measures to reverse the damage caused to our planet. The students are taught about environmental issues such as pollution, greenhouse gas, climate condition, and global warming. Our approach is, “If we save the earth today, then the earth will save our future tomorrow.” Moreover, we should be able to bestow our future generation with a healthy environment to live in. SHEAT Public School teaches some simple things to Save the Earth –

•Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
•Keep our surroundings clean.
•Plant more trees.
•Conserve water and water bodies.
•Educate people about the significance of conserving nature.

Every year on Earth Day, SHEAT Public School organizes an event based on Earth-saving awareness. This year they also organized an event on the 22nd April for Earth Day. In this event, students did some activities like wearing garments that were made from recycled materials like old newspapers, waste cans, bottles and vegetable leaves, etc, and did ramp walks. They flaunted the reuse of the material, and they conveyed a message to reduce the waste and inculcate the habit of reusing waste in innovative ways. Many items were crafted with waste material. A debate on whether ‘Animals should be given equal rights as humans’ was also held at the campus wherein the students had some very impactful points to be made.

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