SHEAT Public School teaches students 'the importance of language'

On Earth, all species have sound and have their own ways of communicating, but humans are the only ones that have mastered cognitive language communication. Language allows to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others.

“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about. – Benjamin Lee Whorf”

The nine basic language skills play an important role in building a child’s personality and in interacting with people. which are Listening, speaking, reading, writing, understanding ideas (by listening and reading), essential grammar knowledge, self-learning, language use, and dictionary grasp, respectively. Considering the above lines about the importance of language, SHEAT Public School gives students the knowledge of the language.
Knowledge of the language enhances mutual communication.

The discussion of the pictures in the books gives the children a beautiful opportunity to use the language. Children talk among themselves over pictures with their friends. In the process, they learn a lot of new things. For example, how to hold a book upright? In which direction to read from a given direction? What is the relation between the pictures printed in the book and the written material? What are the pictures that match with their surroundings?

The Objective of Language Teaching

The aim of language teaching is to develop an understanding and expression of language. To achieve this objective, such an intimate environment is necessary in which every child can express his thoughts and feelings without fear and hesitation.

If the children are ready to talk with ease, then it is attributed to the teacher’s effort to communicate, to give instructions to the children, and to convey the words to them through the story. This also includes giving children the opportunity to build a relationship with books.

The main objective of language teaching at the primary level is that children should be able to understand something by listening. be able to speak effectively in both formal and informal environments. Understand and read a book to gain your own understanding. Write down what you hear. One of the aims of language teaching is to develop an interest in reading books and to develop the ability to choose books of their own choice.

SHEAT Public School creates such types of activities which involve children directly, like role-play, discussion in the classroom, debate competition, important day speech etc. These types of activities provide so much exposure and practice. Children feel comfortable in the classroom. When they feel at ease in the classroom, they learn so much. They think that they are just talking in the classroom, but they acquire so much language.

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