The SHEAT Public School is organizing a summer camp in the month of May. Our summer camp is a closely supervised program usually offered to children to improve their indulgence in extra-curricular activities. The summer camp includes a wide range of activities such as Camping, Sports, Music, Dance, Literature, Language Learning, Programming, and many more things. The summer camp has organized for children from class nursery to tenth with different timings.

SHEAT Public School organizes summer camps to help students make optimum use of their holidays by learning and mastering new skills. Through various activities, young kids can explore their potential and passion for certain arts to widen their horizons. Kids are inquisitive, so they want to learn new things.

SHEAT Public School organizes summer camp for children’s involvement in extensive learning and self-development of children with enjoyment rather than sitting in four walls. During summer camps, we provide students with a bunch of activities to choose from such as Painting, Swimming, Dancing and Playing Instruments, etc. Children learn various life skills such as leadership qualities, socializing with other Kids and discipline which are as important as academic knowledge. These skill development activities build confidence in students from the start and that in turn aids in their overall development.

The motto of Summer Camp

Develop Social Skills: Joining summer camp is to join a group of students where children learn to co-operate with each other. It allows them to understand social behavior and interact with their peers. Living together and performing several tasks together draws them together. They learn to work as a part of a team by coordinating and cooperating.

Physical Activity: Summer camp makes children more physically active as they participate in various physical activities such as ‘Swimming, Hiking, Riding, Playing Outdoor Games’ and indulging in new adventures. During summer camps they are always active. This makes them physically as well as mentally stronger.

Away from Technology: For knowing the real world by staying away from technology, TV and cell phones is the right way to nurture the kids. It encourages children to engage in physical and mental activities with fun. This way their understanding and ability to interact with real people and handle real tasks enhances.

Grow More Independent: Summer camps teach students how to live away from home and make their own decisions without their parents. They learn to manage their daily tasks and activities in the safe and caring environment of the camp. They learn to act more responsibly.

Develop Skills: Summer camps are a good way to enhance children’s skills. Many activities offered at summer camps help children to discover and develop their interests. students are provided with the right amenities and environment to enhance their skills and abilities.

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