SHEAT Public School Popular in Varanasi

Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest existing cities, is rightly called India’s spiritual or omniscience city. Also called Banaras, this holy city is found in the southeastern area of the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. It rests on the left bank of the sacred river Ganga (Ganges) and is among the seven sacred spots for Hindus. The whole world accepts the knowledge and philosophy of this ancient city. The students of Banaras Hindu University, who have the identity of modern education here, are illuminating the name of India abroad.

Varanasi holds an important place in Indian culture and is a very important city for the residents of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Nowadays not only is it the major center for higher education but also rapidly emerging in the field of school education. In terms of school education, Varanasi is becoming a major center for Eastern UP and Bihar.

On the way to becoming a school education hub, Premchand Smarak Road, Ring Road, Varanasi located SHEAT Public School is said to be one of the best schools in Varanasi. The students come to SHEAT Public School within a twenty-five-kilometer of school radius. And day by day, SHEAT Public School is also becoming more popular in the outskirts of Varanasi.

With the philosophy of ‘Shiksha, Suraksha & Suvidha’, SHEAT Public School is imparting modern education to the students of Varanasi. Director of the school, Vivek Vikram Singh says, “We at SHEAT Public School are committed to providing good education with Indian moral values. Our aim is that the students getting an education from here should illuminate the name of Varanasi in modern education as well as sports. Varanasi has been an important center of education and knowledge since ancient times, so we are committed to providing modern education to the students keeping in mind the splendor of ancient Varanasi.”

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