SHEAT Public School makes easy the First Day of School with Some Fun Activities

No deed how prepared you are, a child’s first day of school is always filled with anxiety for every parent. This is true that new faces, new teachers, new places, and schoolwork put them in confound. However, with some activities first day of school, you can ease the anxiety among kids. Even It’s also enough to make the most extroverted students a bit nervous.

With keeping that in mind, we should always consider what the first day of school activities can stimulate introductions, get students talking, and set the tone for successful classroom management.

In this way, one of the best CBSE schools in Varanasi, SHEAT Public School, Varanasi tries to make a child’s first day of school easy with some fun activities.

 Thanks for the compliment!

This can be a light-hearted, confidence-boosting icebreaker that encourages students to share compliments about each other.

To start, Take plain sheets of paper equal to the number of children in the class. Now, tape one sheet on the back of each child. Then, ask them to form a circle and write a compliment about the person standing ahead of them. After finishing, have students remove their papers and read the compliments they received in front of the class.

Decorate the Classroom

In SHEAT School’s list of the first day of school, activities are “Decorate the Classroom.”

This is also a very fun activity to interact with each other. In this activity, we divide the class into four groups. After that, we assign a wall and some charts, colors, posters, tape, etc., to each group.

Then, we ask them to decorate the classroom with equal participation. we try the theme is familiar to everyone.

The motive of this activity is to let the children know that we value their contribution and enjoy their presence.

Find a Friend

This game is to helps kids to make friends or become familiar with other kids.

In this activity, we take some sheets of paper and write on each sheet different topics. Topics can be favorite games, fruits, favorite food, etc.

Then, we give the sheet to each student and ask them to write what they like. Once they finish, we ask them to find their buddy who has written that same thing on their sheet. This activity is most liked amongst kids.

children’s favorite things

This activity is a great confidence booster for every child. The activity is very helpful for introverted kids.

In this activity, we ask kids to come one by one on stage and tell them to say whatever their favorite is, like reading, writing, playing, dancing, etc.

1 Lie and 2 Truths

This is one of the popular back-to-school activities that SHEAT teachers try on kids’ first day of school.

Here we ask the kids to write their two truths and a lie on a sheet of paper.

After giving them five minutes to write those three statements. Once finish, we ask each kid to read their statements one by one and then let the others guess which one’s a lie.

we help kids if they have issues with framing sentences.

And Many More activities according to the children.

SHEAT tries to introduce study as fun, not a burden. So it’s essential to include some fun school activities on the first day. These activities help lighten the environment and help kids feel at home. That’s a reason SHEAT counts as one of the best schools in varanasi.

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