SHEAT Public School Celebrates National Sports Day

Sports and games are an essential part of our life and have become a way of life for a healthy and fit. Sports play a pivotal role to boost a young athlete. Where else an impressionable youth can learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability with the help of sports?

National Sports Day is celebrated on the 29th of August on the birth anniversary of Hockey Legend, Major Dhyan Chand. Sports and games are an important part of becoming a way of life for a healthy and fit. National Sports Day is also known as Rashtriya Khel Divas. 

To mark the significance of National Sports Day, SHEAT Public School, Varanasi virtually organized several activities to inculcate the feeling of true sportsmanship among the children and to enhance their physical and mental skills. SHEAT’s Students virtually participated in various sports activities such as football, skating, badminton, boxing, cricket, and yoga with great enthusiasm and zeal.  So there the little ones had fun by participating in sports activities.

SHEAT Public School students delivered a speech in virtual class focusing on the benefits of different sports and how the aspiring youth’s energy can be utilized in re-constructing a nation and its glory worldwide. She further highlighted that sports can enhances multiple qualities like a sense of togetherness, leadership skills, stamina, planning, patriotism, and teamwork. 

  1. Egg and Spoon Race

           In which participants must walk while balancing an egg on a spoon.

          If the egg falls, the participant has to stop and replace it before they can continue on their race.

          The person who reaches the finish line first with their egg on their spoon is the winner.


  1. Sack Race

          The sack race (sometimes called ‘potato sack race’), is a competitive game in which participants place both of their legs              inside a sack that reaches their waist or neck.



  1. Football Race

          Where the participant runs while chick the ball and they have to reach the finish line within a time limit.


  1. Tug of War

           In which two teams pull against each other, using a tug of war rope.

           In this team activity, children compete against each other by picking up their end of the rope and, on the referee’s signal,               begin tugging the rope as hard as they can. The game ends when the referee declares that one team has successfully                    pulled the center of the rope past a pre-decided mark on the ground.

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