SHEAT Public School celebrates National Parents Day


SHEAT Public School celebrates National Parents Day

National Parents’ Day is celebrated globally every year on the 4th Sunday of July. This is the day for the children to make their parents feel how grateful they are for having such lovely parents and how much they are important in their lives. Children make an effort to thank their parents for their great parenting, which has shaped their lives in such a good way. On Parents’ Day, children try to adopt every method in which they can make their parents feel special and convey their heartfelt feelings.


SHEAT Public School organised a day celebration on National Parents’ Day. Children and parents came dressed in matching colors, adding a festive air to the class for the occasion. A variety of activities were planned to make the day special and to help the students express their gratitude for everything their parents have done for them.


The students greeted the parents with a heartfelt welcome speech, and some welcomed them and sang a song for them. The song was written by SHEAT’s music teacher, especially for the occasion. The following activities were done by students and their parents: The parents truly enjoyed the 1-minute challenges; a chair dance; coding activities involving guessing Bollywood songs; and a challenging Listen and Draw activity, all of which the parents truly enjoyed.


At the program’s end, children gifted their parents a “gratitude jar” with praise and thank-you messages and cards prepared specially for them. A thank you speech was given by students on behalf of the school. Parents attended the event in large numbers and participated enthusiastically in the activities. They were so touched and appreciative of this lovely gesture by SHEAT school and thanked the school principal and teachers for arranging this wonderful program.

Such activities help to strengthen the bond between the child, parent, and school.

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