SHEAT PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrates International Day of Family

SHEAT Public School organised a programme on May 15 on the occasion of the International Day of the Family. Organizing an event like this is more than just an occasion to celebrate; it is also a way to recognise the value of family. The day provides the opportunity to promote awareness about issues relating to families and to explain to children the power of a united family.

In this program, SHEAT Public School organised various activities for children to realise and perceive the value of family in their lives. It’s important for students to recognise that family provides a sense of belonging and a unique identity to them. It also creates a special emotional feeling among students when they think about their families.

The celebration started with a short speech about the family, in which children were given an opportunity to express their feelings about their family. After an emotional and heart-touching speech from the tiny tots, Students made a family tree with their photographs and names pasted on it. Apart from these events, SHEAT Public School also organised many other activities like ‘Play Guess Who, Story Writing about Families, A Family Play Game’ etc.

Blackboards were decorated with pictures and quotes depicting the importance of the day. Teachers taught students that family is like branches on a tree that grow in different directions but share the same root.

It was a day full of fun and excitement for the students and would be a memorable day in their lives. In today’s fast-growing society, where family values are slipping away, such activities revive and rekindle the importance of love and affection among the members of a family.


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