Independence Day celebrations at SHEAT Public School

Independence Day has a special occasion in the heart of every Indian. It symbolizes the celebration of wonderful years of freedom and extends an emphatic message of the progressive future of our country India.

SHEAT Public School celebrated the 75th Independence Day of our motherland India with great enthusiasm and fervor.  The celebration started with the National Anthem being sung by everyone. After this SHEAT Public School’s Principal addressed the students and explained the importance of Independence Day. She also said that to respect the power of India as a country, and unleash the importance of 15 august, one must respect the independent India stories.

celebrating this day with patriotic activities can spread awareness and a feeling of patriotism among citizens and schools leave no stone unturned to do so!

SHEAT Public Schools organized several Independence Day activities to let students respect the feeling of an Independent India.  The kids paid their respect to the tricolor and sang “Saare jahaan se accha” along with their teachers. Students also performed on “Mera desh badal raha hai” very gracefully. This event was full of enthusiasm and patriotism activities.

SHEAT Public School organized various activities like

Plays or Skits – In this, the school organized plays, and short theatre performances on the struggle of freedom fighters, India’s passage towards independence, and other related subjects.

Cultural Dance

Which is a perfect day to showcase the rich Indian tradition along with Independence Day. For this, teachers made groups of students for culturally traditional based dance performances.

And students also feel exhilarated to perform Indian cultural and traditional based dances such as Bhangra, Kathak, Assamese, Rajasthani folk dance, and many more.

Singing Patriotic Songs

Organized singing performances of patriotic songs. This helps students experience patriotism from proximity.

The excitement of singing for the nation’s independence on stage was indeed amazing.

Organize a Patriotic Cinema Screening

Cinemas are a great way to deliver a message to the commons. Fortunately, immense movies are being made about the struggle of India to get independence, the scuffle of freedom fighters, and the emergence of India as a free nation. Therefore, the school organized a patriotic movie screening school for students.

This type of program makes students aware of Indian history, as well as the value of a free nation, and its rich culture.

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