Hindi Diwas Celebrations at SHEAT Public School

गर्व हमें है हिन्दी पर, शान हमारी हिन्दी है

कहते-सुनते हिन्दी हम, पहचान हमारी हिन्दी है।

SHEAT Public School believes that adopting globalization is the need of the hour, but we must not forget ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ either. The importance of Hindi is as important as English because the regional language is an important link in the development of children. Making people aware of Hindi throughout the nation is the primary goal of commemorating Hindi Diwas. Additionally, as our culture develops, so will our children.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on the 14th of September every year. To mark this occasion, SHEAT Public School, celebrated Hindi Diwas with great zeal and enthusiasm for the students of all classes. Students were shown a video presentation underlining the significance of the day. The film served as a metaphor for the day’s festivities. In their presentations, Students of grade V discussed the significance of Hindi and the way it is accepted as an official language in their speeches. It was a celebration of the Hindi Diwas that inspired our students to take pride in the Hindi Language.

Students of classes VI to X participated in various activities like- Story Narration, Hindi Recitation Activity, Poster, and Slogan Writing. The self-narrated stories and poems written by children were greatly appreciated by their respective teachers. Children also designed thought-provoking and beautiful posters.

School Principal Priya Singh, says, “Language is the medium of acquiring knowledge, whether it is English or Hindi. Schools are unable to make Hindi the medium because Hindi is not a global language and is spoken in a limited area. but we never forget that Hindi is our regional language, so it is necessary to focus to teach our students Hindi too.

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