Grandparents Day Celebrations at SHEAT Public School

“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort, lessons in life, and most importantly, cookies.” — Rudy Giuliani

SHEAT Public School advocates the fact that a child’s real education starts at home. In a house grandparent, plays a major role in creating a culture full of moral values and discipline for their grandchildren. They help in creating a homogenous environment in the home which gives a sense of protection and caress to the child.

Sometimes, we lose sight of how valuable and unique grandparents are. Children and grandparents share a particular bond that has been shown to increase children’s emotional stability and lengthen the lives of grandparents. It has been a tradition at SHEAT Public School to celebrate Grandparent’s Day as it gives us an opportunity to treasure that connection and spend some quality, family time together. The Head Teacher and the instructors assigned to the preparation of this special day did a good job of organising the event. The celebration took place on Monday, the 12th of September, and grandparents, along with their grandchildren, were invited through an e-invite.

The motive behind this day’s celebration is to create awareness among the children of the moral support, information, and guidance they can offer and also to understand grandparents’ importance in the family. The day began with a welcome song that gave a feeling to the grandparents of being loved and wanted by their grandchild. After that, a short prayer was recited for grandparents asking the Lord to bless them with good health and long life.

A lot of exciting activities were conducted to give the celebration a feel of being a live celebration. The well-prepared PowerPoint Presentation created awareness among the students acknowledging the important contribution made by grandparents to the well-being and education of children within their family and a note of appreciation to them. The dance session that was organized gave them an opportunity to spend some happy and relaxed moments with their grandchild.

The celebration finished with a promise by the grandchildren to, respect, honour, and love, and care for their grandparents. Class teachers of their respective classes thanked the grandparents for spending their valuable time by joining the celebration. Many grandparents acknowledged the SHEAT family for organizing this event to honour them. They said that they were blessed to be a part of this wonderful and Varanasi best school that goes out of their way to make them feel so special year after year.

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