World Environment Day at SHEAT Public School


World Environment Day at SHEAT Public School

Go green, breathe clean. So let us hold hands and walk together towards a safe and healthy environment. Save our planet. World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. In 1974, the day was observed for the first time.

SHEAT Public School also organized an awareness program on World Environment Day. The school principal, teachers, and students were present for the event. All the faculty members and students have participated with full energy in this program. The students were all dressed in green attire. The principal welcomed the students with an opening speech, giving an insight into the importance of the day. She made the students aware of the need to take immediate action to save the environment.

She also gave a checklist to always follow.

When no one is in the room Check all the fans and light switches are off when.

Check if all the taps are closed.

Unplug machines that are not in use.

Make sure there is no garbage lying around!

When AC is on in a room, make sure the door is closed to reduce the consumption of energy.

Water the plants.

Environmental protection activities and awareness programs were started after the inaugural address of the principal. SHEAT Public School organized the following environment-saving programs.

Speech on World Environment Day: Senior students of SHEAT Public School delivered a speech on awareness and conservation of the environment. They requested all to spread the awareness of saving the environment. They also asked each one to do their bit by stopping the use of plastic bags, stopping wasting food, starting using public transportation to save fuel, and starting recycling for a greener tomorrow.

Plant trees or a garden—Students planted trees on the SHEAT campus. The students brought plants from the local or nearby nursery and then planted them around the school as part of your WED celebration.

Create bird feeders: – In recent years, there have been many bird species that are on the verge of extinction, many of which have even become extinct. This is a dangerous message for our nature, which if not corrected in time, can be fatal. Let’s feed the birds. If we want to save nature. In this way, SHEAT’s students keep a bowl of water and grains in the many corners of the school to feed birds. 

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: – The concept of 3Rs is not new. Although SHEAT Public School has always followed the 3Rs, Students flaunted the reuse of the material, and they conveyed a message to reduce the waste and inculcate the habit of reusing waste in innovative ways. Many items were crafted from waste materials.