English is a global language, but we should not forget Hindi too.

English is a global language but Hindi is our mother tongue, so both are equally essential for us. English is prevalent all over the world and it has become a truly global language. If we want to be successful at the global level, we must know English. With the motto of communication perfection, SHEAT Public School Varanasi teaches English to its students, but making students proficient in English does not mean that we do not introduce our students to Hindi. We make it clear to the students that having good communication skills in English is essential to be successful in today’s scenario. That’s why in the campus of SHEAT Public School, we make students aware of the importance of Hindi along with English. As much as our teachers focus on teaching Hindi to students, they also pay equal attention to teaching English.

SHEAT Public School believes that adopting globalization is the need of the hour, but we must not forget ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ either. The knowledge of Hindi as well as English, the regional language is an important link in the development of children. And if our children will be developed then our society will be developed.

Best School In Varanasi- SHEAT PUBLIC SCHOOL

School Principal Priya Singh, says, “Language is the medium of acquiring knowledge, whether it is English or Hindi. Schools are unable to make Hindi the medium because Hindi is not a global language and is spoken in a limited area. English is spoken and understood all over the world so a child can build his future anywhere, in any country. We at SHEAT Public School teach Indianness to students and prepare them for the challenges of a global scale. So that when our students leave from here, they are aware of the challenges beforehand. Our teachers at SHEAT Public School work hard to make our students proficient in both languages: English and Hindi.”

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