SHEAT Public School has successfully managed to hone a vigorous system, even though the first year at the school saw a pandemic, and we had to resort to online teaching for quite some time. We were able to maneuver through the difficulties and set up a functional structure wherein both the students and the teachers were able to adapt to the transitional times.

We at SHEAT Public School aim at preparing our students for traversing confidently through the adversities of life, and become leaders who have the courage to be the change that they wish to see in the world. The goal is to finetune the educational system to suit the requirements of the students as well as parents. We equip the children with various skills, and let them decide where their greatest potential lies. The school is a safe space for the students, where with the help of highly qualified teachers, career counsellors and life coaches, the students are nurtured into being the best version of themselves. The school brings in many guest lecturers, motivational speakers and counsellers regularly in order to broaden their horizons. We lay emphasis on exposure to real-life issues and challenges, so that the students can have a mind of their own. The students are presented with a plethora of extra-curricular activities to strike the right balance between academics and skills, so that they can ‘Shine their Brightest’, staying true to the school’s motto.

We believe in letting the students learn from their mistakes to become resilient, responsible and confident global citizens, who believe in equality, liberty, fraternity and secularism. A student of SHEAT Public School shall be humble, compassionate, brave and have a strong sense of self-worth. I wish the students, teachers and parents all the best for an insightful, progressive and wonderful year ahead.


Vivek Vikram Singh


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