Debating is a good way to enhance communication as well as mental skill

Debating is a good way to enhance communication as well as mental skill. Debates expand child’s knowledge about different topics and allow them to be patient and understanding of others’ opinions. We mean the real thing: disciplined, logical, responsive, evidence-based argumentation with another person.

SHEAT Public Schools introduces kids to the art of debating. SHEAT organizes debate competitions so that children could be prepared for future challenges. Which makes the SHEAT stand out among the best CBSE School in Varanasi.

Some important developments 

  1. Improves Critical Thinking

           Debate is one of the best ways to create critical thinking in young children. It sharpens a student’s thinking process. While            preparing for debate topics, students try to examine issues critically and in a detailed fashion. Armed with correct facts,                the        student gives challenges their opposition effectively. Thus, a student develops an ability to think on their own and              respond            quickly to questions and rebuttals.

  1. Debates also help to build Self-Confidence and Promotes Communication Skills. In the process of debate preparation, the students go through a deep study of the topic. Hereby they automatically develop self-confidence. Debates for children also enhance their ability to listen while speaking. They listen that what other is saying and how they are forming their sentences. This becomes a great learning process for them. They are improving their communication skills by participating in debates.

          Though research is a necessary parameter for being a good debater, this is an important skill the debater must have. A                 debater must be able to express his view clearly without ambiguity. This is quite important as the others are on guard to               catch your mistakes and capitalize on them. Hence a good debater must be an excellent communicator. This is why                        debating remarkably improves the communication skills of the children who participate in them.

  1. Improves Listening Skills

       In a debate, students have to listen to others’ points carefully. This is essential not only to understand the other’s point of             view but also to identify loopholes in the opponent’s logic. This habit of paying close attention to what is being said                       remarkably improves a student’s listening skills.

  1. Helps in organising thoughts

       The art of debating requires immense planning, organising, and action upon it. Students need to be lect information from             everywhere about the selected topic and organise the entire action plan to form sentences.

      This is indeed a great way of improving a child’s organizational skills.

     In nutshell, debating can be one of the best ways to round up your child’s personality. For young children, care should be               taken so that the debate topics are not too tough. Heavy topics may end a student’s interest.

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