Dear Parents,

As you know, Saraswati Charitable Trust for the past 18 years has been a dedicated missionary in the field of education in Varanasi. It has been an enormous contribution to education in general, and higher education, technical education and vocational studies in particular.

Today, with SHEAT Public School, it is taken upon itself to bridge the gap between the students of Varanasi and their counterparts in the best schools internationally. The school’s foundation stone was laid down with the mission of providing all-round development to its students.

I hope you would agree with me when I say that every kid is born with a unique and exceptional ability. Some are born mathematicians, while others excel in literature, someone might find his calling in art while others might be natural at a particular sport. In your lifetime, I’m sure you must have come across many kids who even in the absence of proper guidance, display pure natural talent and flair for complex disciplines like dancing, singing and playing a musical instrument.

We wish to provide such kids with the best possible education and training in their chosen fields with the consent of their parents. I am confident that these kids will not only make their parents and their area proud, but will also bring glory to their country at the international level, and go on to become national treasures. The purpose of helping every kid discover his or her true potential and provide them with the best nurturing ground for it within the campus is what fueled the idea of SHEAT Public School, and I hope that you will join us in our quest to bring the best out of every kid.

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